As an online shopping store, Debonair was only yet another idea that was given to us so that it could become a reality. It aimed at being a platform for easy and accessible online shopping outlet without any added difficulties. And that is exactly what The Marketects Co. shaped it to be. From website design to social media posts, we managed it all for our client so that they did not have to worry about it or seek aid from any other entity. The web design is an example of how we make sure that it is always user friendly. The social media posts were also designed in a manner that ensured that it captivates the audience, is engaging and informative.

A vital part of this business idea execution was product photography. To ensure that the product our clients wish to sell is aesthetically pleasing, we constructed a team of highly talented people that know how to get the job done. With efficient angles and action, we were also able to successfully produce pictures that were worthy of being posted on a public forum. This, combined with the social media design and marketing, proved to be so beneficial for our client that they were able to take their sales up to 15000 rupees, only one month from launch.